Plastic Records was a DIY label. The second Plastic Records of the '70s was owned by Punk band UK Decay, and was based at their record shop in Luton.  It issued two EPs: the first was a split effort between UK Decay ('UK Decay' and 'Car Crash') and Pneumania ('Exhibition' and 'Coming Attack'); all four tracks on the second were by UK Decay. After these were released the band was signed by Fresh Records, so there was no more need for the Plastic label.  Numbering was in the PLAS-000s. Plastic Records Former Address: c/o 33 Guildford Street. Luton Bedfordshire. Distributed By Plastic Records. UK Decay are an English post-punk band, based in Luton. UK Decay was born out of the ashes of another Luton band called The Resiztors, who had formed in 1978. The Resiztors' lineup consisted of guitarist Steve "Abbo" Abbott, drummer Steven David Harle, bassist Martin "Segovia" Smith and vocalists Ricky Smith and Paul Wilson. After the vocalists' departure in the spring of 1979, the remaining band members changed their name to UK Decay, with Abbott as singer (and guitarist).  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 U.K. Decay / Pneumania Split Single: U.K. Decay PLASTIC PLAS 001
81 U.K Decay Black [ Ep ] PLASTIC PLAS 002

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