Independent label: Plant Life Records was set up by two longtime members of Steeleye Span, Nigel Pegrum and Rick Kemp.  Plant Life concentrated mainly on Folk music, and the vast majority of the eighty-odd records that it released were LPs.  The only 7" that it put out in the '70s was the EP shown, 'Hertfordshire Folk Songs' by the duo Little Fish.  The EP was numbered in the same series as the albums, PLR-000.  There is no date on it, but PLRs 010, 013 and 014 are all from 1978 so it seems like a good bet that the EP is, too.  There were no more 7" records from Plant Life until the Autumn of 1982, when the first in a series of four singles appeared.  This time they were given their own PLRS-000 numbers.  Plant Life seems to have stopped making records in or around 1988. Distributed By Plant Life Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 The Tannahill Weavers Are Ye Sleeping Maggie (Album) PLANT LIFE  PLR 001
76 Noel Murphy Performs (Album) PLANT LIFE  PLR 002
77 Johnny Silvo Time Enough To Spare (Album) PLANT LIFE  PLR 003
77 Jon Betmead A Vision Of Heaven (Album) PLANT LIFE  PLR 004
77 Alex Atterson Pushing The Business On (Album) PLANT LIFE  PLR 005
77 Charlie Galbraith Portrait Of (Album) PLANT LIFE  PLR 006
77 Michael Moore The Tallest Man In The World (Album) PLANT LIFE  PLR 007
77 Peasants All A Handful Of Pleasant Delites (Album) PLANT LIFE  PLR 008
77 Wizz Jones Magical Flight (Album) PLANT LIFE  PLR 009
78 The Tannahill Weavers The Old Woman's Dance (Album) PLANT LIFE  PLR 010
78 Little Fish Hertfordshire Folk-Songs PLANT LIFE  PLR 011
82 The Maddy Prior Band Face To Face PLANT LIFE  PLRS 001
83 Hot Vultures The Preacher's Blues PLANT LIFE  PLRS 002
83 Les Penning Willow Fair PLANT LIFE  PLRS 003
83 Les Penning (And Marilyn) Should Have Been Forever PLANT LIFE  PLRS 004

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