Independent American label: Planet Records was created by producer Richard Perry in 1978, and was financed by Elektra / Asylum.  It enjoyed a long and fruitful association with the Pointer Sisters, who took the label into the Charts on both sides of the Atlantic between 1978 and 1985, but it seems to have disappeared in 1986.  In Britain, manufacture and distribution were naturally done through WEA; Planet singles shared a K-12000 numerical series with those of Elektra.  The black label variant would appear to be uncommon.  Perry sold the label to RCA in 1982, which kept the label alive as a subdivision through late 1985, after which the Pointer Sisters, Phillinganes and Medley were signed to RCA proper. The remaining artists on Planet's roster did not have their contracts renewed and the label was ultimately liquidated by the end of the 80's. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Pointers Sisters Everybody Is A Star PLANET K 12324
79 Pointers Sisters Fire PLANET K 12339
79 Pointer Sisters Happiness PLANET K 12350
79 Night Hot Summer Nights PLANET K 12367
79 Night Party Shuffle PLANET K 12382
79 Thompson Chris If You Remember Me PLANET K 12389
79 Pointer Sisters All Your Love PLANET K 12395
80 Pointer Sistres Who Do You Love PLANET K 12406
80 Night Cold Wind Across My Heart PLANET K 12420
80 Sad Sue Give Me Love PLANET K 12421
80 Cratones Real Love PLANET K 12433
80 Cretones Cost Of Love PLANET K 12454
80 American Noise Take It All PLANET K 12463
80 Pointer Sistres He'S So Shy PLANET K 12470
80 Pointer Sistres Save This Night For Love PLANET K 12485
80 Night Love On The Airwaves PLANET K 12492
81 Hamlisch Marvin Ordinary People Theme PLANET K 12497
81 Pointer Sisters Could I Be Dreamin' PLANET K 12505
81 Night It'S Good To Be Back PLANET K 12507
81 Plimsouls Now  PLANET K 12519
81 Pointers Sisters Slowhand PLANET K 12530
81 Pointer Sisters Should I Do It PLANET K 12578
81 Pointer Sisters Someday We'll Be Together PLANET K 12591
81 Pointer Sisters Fire / Should I Do It PLANET K 13308

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