Pirate Records was a DIY label from 1971. It managed at least one record, a single by a Country band called Contraband.  The tracks on it were 'Polly' and 'Fire'.  There was no catalogue number on the label, but it did at least list the four members of the band: J. Rudolph (vocals, bass), P. Rudolph (lead guitar, organ), G. Penny (Rhythm guitar), and B. Webb (drums). The matrix number in the run-off was BR WO 2085; the WO-2000s were a series used by manufacturer C.H. Rumble.  The labels appear to have been pasted on, which suggests a self-financed effort, though the label design looks professionally done. Distributed By TS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Contraband Polly bw Fire PIRATE No Cat Number

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