Independent Reggae label: Pioneer Records was owned by Sidney Crooks and initially handled by Golden Age.  Pioneer issued at least ten singles in the years 1976-77.  Catalogue numbers were in a PION-0 series which often gained an extra '0'.  The few Pioneer singles have been Sidney Crooks productions.  The labels were of a plain design, with minor variations, and came in white or orange. Distributed By Golden Age and Mojo Records. Pioneer Records Former address Golden Age Music Ltd: 180 High Street Harlesden, London N.W. 10. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Pioneers Stavation PIONEER PION 1
77 Harry Hippy  Cover Me PIONEER PION 02
77 Harry Hippy  When A Man Loves A Woman  PIONEER PION 3
77 Toby Nelson You Don'T Need Me  PIONEER PION 04
77 Edwards Jackie  You Make The Starlight Shine  PIONEER PION 05
77 Mexicano A Goddess Of Love  PIONEER PION 6
77 Agro Pearson  Heavy Manners  PIONEER PION 07
77 Band Eclipse  Daylight Robbery PIONEER PION 08
77 Toby Nelson 100 Lbs Of Clay  PIONEER PION 09
77 Not Issued PIONEER PION 010
77 Nethu Selah  All Night Till Daylight  PIONEER PION 011

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