Independent label: Pinnacle Records was a label of an electronics firm of that name, from Orpington, Kent.  Pinnacle began issuing records in 1974, under chairman Ted Scully.  The rarity of its early products suggests that it didn't have a particularly auspicious start, though it did manage to get a single by teenage heart-throbs Flintlock into the Charts in 1976 ('Dawn'; P-8419).  Other successes followed in 1978, with disco versions of 'California Dreamin'' by Colorado (PIN-67) and the 'Dr. Who' theme, by Mankind (PIN-71).  Pinnacle broadened the scope of its interest by entering the Record Distribution business; it proved its capability by ushering a single from its small client label Arrival (Keith Marshall's, 'Only Crying'; PIK-2) into the Charts in 1981, and then improved on that by getting Renee & Renato's 'Save your Love' (Hollywood, HWD-003) to the Number One spot in 1982.  In the wake of these successes the company went on to become one of Britain's busiest and biggest independent distributors. '70s Pinnacle singles came in four different designs: an initial fairly restrained purple label was soon replaced by more exuberant orange-and-brown one, which didn't last for too long either - it was in use by the time P-8406 came out, and was used up to and including P-8414.  The third, silver, design came into use with P-8415 and lasted from February 1976 up to September 1978 and P-8449, at which point an injection moulded label began to be used - 8449 can be found in both forms.  The large 'A' on the Abercrombie Fraser single seems to be a one-off and merely indicates the 'A' side - Pinnacle does not appear to have used dedicated promo / demo labels.  The injection moulded label eventually gave way to an eye-catching multi-coloured one, which saw out the decade.   Some singles from the 'multi-coloured' era can be found on a plain silver-and-black version of the label; these were pressed in Chicago in order to meet the demand caused by the record entering the Chart.  Many 'multi-coloured' singles have a 'Firebird' logo above the name; Firebird was intended to be a new label, under Paul Lynton, recently appointed managing director of the Pinnacle record division, but it seems not to have been given a separate identity as such.  The red-and-white sleeve is correctly scanned, despite the fact that the writing on it is upside-down: the opening is at the top.  Catalogue numbers started off in a P-8400 series, which reached at least 8456; they changed to PIN-60 in the Spring of 1978, when the multi-coloured labels were introduced. Another change followed in April 1979, when the PIN-60s were superseded by PIN-0s.  The 1980s saw further changes of label design and of numbering. Pressing was done by a number of different firms, including Orlake, Pye, Phonodisc (who were responsible for the injection moulded labels) RCA and Lyntone. Pinnacle Went Into Liquidation In 2008. It Was Then That Windsong Exports Purchased The Group And Turned It Into The Uk'S Leading Music Distributor. Following That, The Companies Were Usually Referred To Jointly As Windsong/Pinnacle. In 1996, Windsong/Pinnacle Was Purchased By The Zomba Group.[Citation Needed] When Zomba Was Subsequently Purchased By Bmg In 2002, Windsong/Pinnacle Was Moved Under Bertelsmann'S Group Arvato Ag. In January 2008, Windsong Completed A Buyout From Arvato, Gaining Independent Ownership Again. However, In The Midst Of An Economic Crisis, The Company Was Forced To Go Into Administration, Effective December 3, 2008. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Tallulah  Oh What A Feeling PINNACLE P 8401
74 Tallulah  Everybody Sing My Song PINNACLE P 8402
74 Buttercups Timbertops PINNACLE P 8403
74 Not Traced PINNACLE P 8404
74 Not Traced PINNACLE P 8405
75 Splash Love Came Make Someone Of Any Fool PINNACLE P 8406
75 Poole Brian Satisfied PINNACLE P 8407
75 Thompson Rob I Look At The Sun PINNACLE P 8408
75 Flintlock Learn To Cry PINNACLE P 8409
75 Stevens Terese Jody PINNACLE P 8410
75 Scarlet Jade Serenade That We Played PINNACLE P 8411
75 Marklew Alison Band Midnight Rider PINNACLE P 8412
75 Skoralidis The Little Drummer Boy PINNACLE P 8413
76 Stevens Terese Rock Sanctus PINNACLE P 8414
76 Scarlet Jade Crying In The Middle Of The Night PINNACLE P 8415
76 Stevens Terese Fever Of Love PINNACLE P 8416
76 Flintlock Little Bit Of Lovin´ PINNACLE P 8417
76 Buchanan Eddie You Are My Special Angel PINNACLE P 8418
76 Flintlock Dawn PINNACLE P 8419
76 Lezal´S Vic Professionals Party Music PINNACLE P 8420
76 Edwards James Arther Oh Melanie PINNACLE P 8421
76 Ricco Johnnie Wanderer PINNACLE P 8422
76 Scarlet Jade Volvere PINNACLE P 8423
76 Stevens Terese Nothing To Declare PINNACLE P 8424
76 Wills Newton You Walked In PINNACLE P 8425
76 Abercrombie Fraser  Marie´S Wedding PINNACLE P 8426
76 Mint Micky Oh Mr Brown PINNACLE P 8427
76 Flintlock Sea Of Flames PINNACLE P 8428
76 Edwards James Arther Pastiche Blue PINNACLE P 8429
76 Kink Solomon Four Seasons Of Love PINNACLE P 8430
76 Hooker Music PINNACLE P 8431
76 Not Traced PINNACLE P 8432
76 Not Traced PINNACLE P 8433
76 Brown Joe Always Laughing PINNACLE P 8434
76 Ricco Johnnie That´S Rock N Roll PINNACLE P 8435
76 Not Traced PINNACLE P 8436
77 Scarlet Jade Do You Ever Dream PINNACLE P 8437
77 Flintlock Russian Roulette PINNACLE P 8438
77 Rookie Dance This Christmas PINNACLE P 8439
77 Stevens Terese Cross My Heart PINNACLE P 8440
77 Not Traced PINNACLE P 8441
77 Flintlock Carry Me PINNACLE P 8442
77 Fallen Angel & T C Band Don´T Come Back PINNACLE P 8443
77 Stevens Terese Fool PINNACLE P 8444
77 Riccojohnnie You´Re So Good To Me PINNACLE P 8445
77 Cole Tony Natural Dance PINNACLE P 8446
77 Tiger Sue Kickaway My Blues PINNACLE P 8447
77 Dr Dragon Fuji Express PINNACLE P 8448
77 Flintlock Anything For You PINNACLE P 8449
77 Wess Good Tome PINNACLE P 8450
77 Ashley Claudia Cést La Lie PINNACLE P 8451
77 Beth Christmas Without You PINNACLE P 8452
78 Ricco Johnnie See You Again PINNACLE P 8453
78 Gobblinz London PINNACLE P 8454
78 Flintlock Mony Mony PINNACLE P 8455
78 Tiger Sue When You Walked In The Room PINNACLE P 8456
78 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 57
78 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 58
78 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 59
78 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 60
78 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 61
78 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 62
78 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 63
78 Monaco God Only Knows PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 64
78 Flintlock You'Re Like A Magnet PINNACLE PIN 65
78 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 66
79 Colorado California Dreamin PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 67
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 68
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 69
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 70
79 Mankind Dr. Who PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 71
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 72
79 Scott Peggy You'Ve Got It All PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 73
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 74
79 Tuesday´S Children Boogie Woman PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 75

79 Straker Nick Band Walk In The Park PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 1
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 2
79 Transvolta Disco Computer  PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 3
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 4
79 Lou & Hollywood Bananas Kingston Kingston PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 5
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 6
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 7
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 8
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 9
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 10
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 11
79 Not Traced   PINNACLE PIN 12
79 Not Traced PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 13
79 Mankind Chain Reaction PINNACLE PIN 14
79 Not Traced PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 15
79 Disco Very Get It On PINNACLE PIN 16
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 17
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 18
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 19
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 20
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 21
79 Pig Clive & Hopeful Chinamen Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen PINNACLE PIN 22
79 Cyanide Your Old Man PINNACLE PIN 24
79 Disco Rockmachine Living In The City PINNACLE PIN 25
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 26
79 Dana & Gene Dario Can You Get Me Into Studio 54  PINNACLE PIN 27
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 28
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 29
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 30
79 Dansette Damage 2001 1/4 Approximately PINNACLE PIN 31
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 32
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 33
79 Foton Bamsoo Curtain PINNACLE PIN 34
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 35
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 36
79 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 37
80 Not Traced PINNACLE PIN 38

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