A label for Christian music.  Pilgrim was the music outlet of publishers Marshall, Morgan & Scott, of London.  It issued records from the early '60s until at least 1979.  Singles and EPs from the '60s  were numbered in two different series, XPR-3000 and PSR-7000. The company seems to have concentrated on albums in the 1970s: the only Pilgrim 7"s from that decade that I have happened upon so far are a couple by Mary McKee & The Genesis, 'Silent Prayer' b/w 'Silent Night' (SPLM-438; 1977) and 'Shattered Dreams' b/w Acres Of Diamonds' (SP/M-001; 1979), and Rodney Cordner's 'The Band Played Waltzing Matilda' b/w 'The Ballad Of Tommy Quinn' (SPLM-002; 1979). Pilgrim Records Former Address: Blundell House, Goodwood Road, London, S.E.14. Thank To Robert Lyons for the info.

79 Mary Mckee & The Genesis  Shattered dreams PILGRIM SP/M 001
79 Rodney Cordner 'The Band Played Waltzing Matilda'  PILGRIM SPLM 002

77 Mary McKee And The Genesis (They Stood In) Silent Prayer PILGRIM SPLM 438

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