Picador Records was An outlet for records by The Dragoni Brothers, a popular Club / Cabaret band from Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  The Dragonis made their debut on record in 1974 with a stirring instrumental version of 'Faith Of Our Fathers' b/w 'Sweet By And By', which came out on Philips (6006-387).  A couple of years or so later they put out their first self-finaced record, an album called 'Meet The Dragoni Brothers'; it was made through Impulse Studios of Newcastle and it came out on the Picador label as IS/DRAG/116 - the 'IS' was Impulse's usual prefix and the number was taken from that company's LP series.  The first Picador single followed: the brothers were joined by the St. Anthony's Girls Choir on 'Flowers Of The Rarest' b/w 'The Old Rugged Cross' (IS/D-1018).  There was no date on its labels, but comparison with other Impulse 7" records in the series indicates 1976 or 1977.  The Dragonis made an album for Rubber Records in 1979, 'An Evening With The Dragoni Brothers' (RUB-033), before putting out a couple more singles on Picador, 'Dance Little Birdie' b/w Wooden Heart' (PIC-1; 1981) and 'Knees Up (Medley)' b/w 'Disco Viva! (Medley)' (PIC-2, 1/82).  The latter, which had a more ambitious label design, seems to have been Picador's final offering. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 The Dragoni Brothers With The St. Anthony's Girls Choir  Flowers Of The Rarest / The Old Rugged Cross PICADOR IS/D 1018
81 The Dragoni Brothers  Dance Little Bird (Instrumental) / Wooden Heart (Instrumental)  PICADOR PIC 1
81 The Dragoni Brothers Knees-Up / Disco Viva!  PICADOR PIC 2

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