Independent label: Photon Records appears to have been dedicated to Folk / Dance material. Photon was run by an organization called Photon Enterprises, and it issued records in the late '70s and early '80s using a PE-200 numerical series for both its 7" and its 12" records.  It seems to have concentrated mainly on LPs, including three by the Kenton Ramblers: 'The Kenton Ramblers Play Pat Shaw' (PE-204; 1980?), 'The Next Dance Is...' (PE-205; 1980), and 'The Next Dance Is... Vol. 2' (PE-207; 1982).  The Arden Folk also contributed an album, 'Sounds Like Arden Folk' (PE-206; 1982), but caller Bernard Chalk and the trio Mosaic qualified the label for this site by making an EP called 'A Collection Of American Square Dances' (PE-203) in 1978. Distributed By Photon Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Not Traced PHOTON PE 201
78 Not Traced PHOTON PE 202
78 Bernard Chalk And Mosaic A Collection Of American Square Dances PHOTON PE 203
80 Kenton Ramblers The Kenton Ramblers Play Pat Shaw (Album) PHOTON PE 204
80 Kenton Ramblers The Next Dance Is (Album) PHOTON PE 205
82 The Arden Folk Sounds Like Arden Folk (Album) PHOTON PE 206
82 Kenton Ramblers The Next Dance Is Vol. 2 (Album) PHOTON PE 207

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