Phonogram Special Projects Records. There were at least two of them, they came out in or around 1977, and, if the one shown is typical, they combined sketches and snippets of tracks from albums the various Phonogram family labels. The idea was to persuade companies to assemble their own promotional records from tracks from Phonogram's back catalogue.  Numbering was in the SPD-100s.  SPD-100 featured Peters & Lee's 'Dance In The Old Fashioned Way' as well as tracks by Chaquito Hawaii 5-0 , Val Doonican Morning Has Broken, Syd Lawrence And His Orchestra Little Brown Jug.  The sketch on SPD-101 features a couple of supposed Phonogram representatives trying to supply a Mr. P-Orn with suitable music to go with his 'Filth, Filth & More Filth' films.  The 'B' side contains slightly longer excerpts of tracks by Thin Lizzy, 10 C.C. and other Phonogram artists. Distributed By Phonogram Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Various Artists Music Sells PHONOGRAM SPECIAL PROJECTS SPD 100
77 Various Artists Put It On Record The P-orn Story PHONOGRAM SPECIAL PROJECTS SPD 101

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