Independent label: Phoenix Records operated from 1970 to 1974.   It didn't concentrate on any particular musical genre: its singles ranged from the Folky Pop of Weavers Green to the Soul of Natural Stone, and from Carl Simmons's Revivalist Rock 'n' Roll to the Glam Rock of Spunky Spider.  There were around fifty such singles, none of which sold in any great quantity; they came in a NIX-100 numerical series, which may have started at NIX-111.  Its products were manufactured and distributed by CBS.  Initially they had a plain orange label but 1972 there was a change of design to a rather psychedelic gold-on-dark-brown one.  The change happened between NIX-118 and NIX-124.  Unusually, the labels on the 'A' and 'B' sides were different: the 'A' side featured a golden 'P', the 'B' side a golden 'R'.  Initially the catalogue number was at the top and the title and artist's name appeared in the foot of the letter; the layout changed from NIX-126 onwards, presumably for reasons of space.  A name that cropped up regularly on Phoenix singles as producer or musical director (and at least once as artist) was that of Al Saxon, which suggests that he may have had something to do with the running of the label. Distributed By Phoenix Records. Former Address: Group House 9 The Broadway Woodford Green, Essex. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Tumbleweeds Making My Way Back To Louisiana PHOENIX NIX 111
70 Tex Withers Little Soldier PHOENIX NIX 112
70 Rosalind Lloyd Ond I Ti Fy PHOENIX NIX 113
71 Weavers Green Fool On The Hill PHOENIX NIX 114
71 Weavers Green Butterfly PHOENIX NIX 115
71 The Val Merrall Orchestra Valentine's Waltz PHOENIX NIX 116
71 Carl Simmons Hold On Baby PHOENIX NIX 117
71 Dawn Barry My World Keeps Getting Smaller Every Day PHOENIX NIX 118
71 Al Saxon Firefly PHOENIX NIX 119
71 Not Issued PHOENIX NIX 120
71 Not Issued PHOENIX NIX 121
71 Not Issued PHOENIX NIX 122
71 Not Issued PHOENIX NIX 123
72 Sad It AinīT Easy PHOENIX NIX 124
72 Al Saxon  Beautiful PHOENIX NIX 125
72 Fourmost Goodnight Sweet Dreams PHOENIX S NIX 126
72 David Haymen  Just Heard From A Friend PHOENIX S NIX 127
72 Ella Stone And Moss Prophet PHOENIX S NIX 128
72 Gerry Marsden Amo Credo PHOENIX S NIX 129
72 Cyclops Eye Kentucky Freeway PHOENIX NIX 130
72 Lost Dog Latch Key Child PHOENIX S NIX 131
72 Weavers Green A Little Mor Love PHOENIX S NIX 132
72 Black Rod See What You Get Out Of Me PHOENIX NIX 133
72 Dynasty Tutankhamun PHOENIX NIX 134
72 Spats Pool Room Pete PHOENIX NIX 135
72 Allen Henry Everything Gets Me Down PHOENIX NIX 136
72 Lincoln Rodgers Let Love Come Between Us PHOENIX NIX 137
72 Iris Williams Silent Night PHOENIX NIX 138
72 The Cats Knees Up Mother Brown PHOENIX NIX 139
73 Natural Stone Give A Little Laughter PHOENIX NIX 140
73 Not Issued PHOENIX NIX 141
73 Weavers Green On The Railroad PHOENIX S NIX 142
73 Spunky Spider You WonīT Come PHOENIX S NIX 143
73 Saskatchewan Snatch Wonderful Land PHOENIX S NIX 144
73 Red Pepper IīM Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter PHOENIX S NIX 145
73 Chico Arnez Unknown Soldier PHOENIX S NIX 146
73 Byron James ThereīS Gotta Be Something Wrong PHOENIX S NIX 147
74 Eve Boswell One God PHOENIX S NIX 148

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