Independent label: Phoenix Records is the third Phoenix label from the 1970s it issued at least one EP - Les Malcolm's, 'Help Me Make It Through The Night' - in 1978, which was recorded in a studio in Cleveland.  The label itself, with its (P), appears to be Irish in origin.  It was rare, but not unknown, for English labels to have product pressed in Ireland - Indigo Records was one; this may have been another.  It could be an Irish release, but the material on the EP is pretty standard Club / Cabaret fare so I would guess that it is a custom pressing made in limited numbers over there for sale at concerts over here.  The EP was numbered PH-1.  PH-3, 'The Union Mare And The Confederate Grey' by Idaho, came out in April 1980.  I assume there was a PH-2. Distributed By Phoenix Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Les Malcolm Help Me Make It Through The Night PHOENIX PH 1
79 Not Traced PHOENIX PH 2
80 Union Mare & Confederate Gray Idaho PHOENIX PH 3

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