Philron was a real DIY job, in that the labels were hand-made and were pasted on to blanks.  It appears to have managed just the one release, 'It Shouldn't Have Happened' b/w 'I'll Give You Love' by Rendezvous.  The songwriter was Phil Hills, so presumably he was the 'Phil' of 'Philron'; who the 'Ron' was remains a mystery.  The record would seem to have been made through a company called ADR, which is equally mysterious - perhaps it was one of those firms which offered custom recording and tape-to-disc services.  The catalogue / matrix number is ADR SP-0019, which suggests that there should be other ADRs out there, perhaps another eighteen of them; but it's likely that they were made in very small quantities.  The year of issue was 1971. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Rendezvous It Shouldn't Have Happened PHILRON SP 0019 ADR SP 0019

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