Independent label: Peter Pann Records seems to have been an outlet for the records of singer John Talliavini.  Numbering of the first two singles was in a GM-000 series, but the third was numbered GM-0033, which may be a printers' error - that label was yellow with black printing, as opposed to the silver-on-blue of the first two.  Talliavini also recorded a single for the Gemini label, 'If You Were The Only Girl In The World' (GMS-022; 7/75); the 'GM' being common to the prefixes of Peter Pann and Gemini may indicate a link between the two concerns. Distributed By Peter PannRecords. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Talliavini My Yiddishe Momma PETER PANN GM 001
71 Talliavini How Could I Go To Your Wedding / Old New York City PETER PANN GM 002
72 John Talliavini Baby Mine You'Re Wonderful PETER PANN GM 0033

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