Peter Collins Artist Management Records was a DIY label. It seems to have been merely a means for manager Peter Collins to bring one of his artists, Bernie Torme, to the attention of the record-buying public. Torme's single 'The Hunter' was the label's only release; it came out in 1977, and had a catalogue number of PC-1.  Bernie's manager Peter Collins had worked at Phonogram and used his contacts to organise this single on a limited budget which was a promo only self-released single. Probably only 500 were pressed. Torme went on to record for Jet Records as well as others, which may well have made the Peter Collins Artist Management marque redundant; he is probably most widely remembered as a member of Rock band Gillan. Bernie Tormé (born Bernard Tormey, 18 March 1952, Dublin, Ireland) is a rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, record label and recording studio owner. Bernie Torme and his Band only met for the first time in November 1976, did their first gig in March 1977 at The Red Lion in Fulham and then met Peter Collins sometime shortly after this gig. The record  was recorded at Konk Studios (the recording studio of The Kinks in Tottenham Lane, North London) during some acquired 'downtime' around March 1977 and was engineered by Roger Wake who was The Kinks studio house engineer. Peter Collins got 500 copies pressed up at Pye Records and distributed them as promos hoping to get the band more gigs and eventually a record deal. The 'b' side, 'Soul Sister', turned up again in on record in 1978 as 'Speed Sister' after the Bernie Torme Band went 'punk' and Bernie had changed the lyrics to reflect the fashion and feeling of the times. The Bernie Torme Band  did eventually get a recording deal with Don Arden's Jet Records in December 1978 and subsequently had two singles released before being dropped in March 1979. Most of the early Bernie Torme Band's recordings can be found on Bernie Torme's album 'Punk Or What' released in 1999 on his RetroWrek label. Distributed By TS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.


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