Independent label: Pepper Records appears to have had a fairly intimate relationship with United Artists: the UA logo appears on its label, and its singles shared a numerical series with those of UA.  Its directors were Michael Weston, Michael Dufficy and Howard Weston.  Producer Jonathan Hodge seems to have worked on most of Pepper's product, including its two Chart singles: Peter Blake's 'Lipsmackin' Rock 'n' Rollin'' (UP-36295; 1977), and the Top 3 hit 'If I Had Words', by Scott Fitzgerald & Yvonne Keely (UP-36333; 1978); the first had a standard United Artists label with a small 'Pepper Records' logo rather than an actual Pepper label.  Despite these successes, it looks as though the label didn't make it into the '80s.  Before it expired, however, it exchanged its green pepper for a red pepper and underwent a general change of design.  The final three singles had this updated label. Distributed By United Artists Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Peter Blake  Lipsmackin Rock N Rollin PEPPER UP 36295
77 Joey & Hotshots Skate City Run PEPPER UP 36303
77 Debbie Raymond  You And I PEPPER UP 36311
78 Scott Fitzgerald  If I Had Words PEPPER UP 36333
78 Terri Christopher  Come Back PEPPER UP 36368
78 Duncan Macky  Sirius Iii PEPPER UP 36369
78 Emma Leigh  Do You Dig It PEPPER UP 36407
78 Harlow Harry De Mazzio PEPPER UP 36452
78 Nirvana Love Is All You Need PEPPER UP 36461
78 Ian Kellett  I Do Love Christmas PEPPER UP 36477
79 Nirvana Restless Wind PEPPER UP 36538
79 Rafferty Jerry Bring At All Home UNITED ARTIST BP 301
79 Welch Ed Rank Concert Orch Moon Rock UNITED ARTIST BP 302
79 Hoff Sean & Shotguns Way Down Yonder In New Orleans PEPPER BP 303
79 Hylton Sheila Breakfast In Bed BALLISTIC BP 304
79 Fischer-Z First Impressions UNITED ARTIST BP 305
79 Dr. Feelgood Put Him Out Of Your Mind UNITED ARTIST BP 306
79 Fantasy Band Won'T You Take Me Back PEPPER BP 307
79 Stranglers Duchess UNITED ARTIST BP 308
79 Marvels Sh-Boom BALLISTIC BP 309
79 Not Traced UNITED ARTIST BP 310
79 Ossa Listen To The Buddah UNITED ARTIST BP 311
79 Hoyte Janice When I Fall In Love UNITED ARTIST BP 312
79 One Hundren Ton & A Feather Do You Want To Know A Secret PEPPER BP 313

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