Independent label: People Records was a subsidiary of Trojan.  People was aimed at the Soul / Funk audience rather than Trojan's usual Reggae buyers, and the majority of its material seems to have been licensed from American companies. Don Downing's, 'Lonely Day, Lonely Nights' (PEO-102; 1973) almost made it into the Top 30, but that proved to be the label's only success, despite the fact that there were several (past or future) hit-makers in the catalogue - Della Reese, Doris Troy, Jimmy James & The Vagabonds and Donna Summer.  People bit the dust when its parent company ran into terminal financial difficulties, in the summer of 1975.  Manufacture was by EMI, as the EMI-style demo indicates.  The sleeve shown above seems to have been shared by a number of B&C / Trojan labels. Distributed By B&C / Trojan Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Edmonds Noel Introduction To People Label PEOPLE PEO 100
73 Gardner Don & Baby Wasington Forever PEOPLE PEO 101
73 Downing Don Lonely Days Lonely Nights PEOPLE PEO 102
73 Gentle Persuasion Dynamite Explodes PEOPLE PEO 103
73 Wee Three Get On Board PEOPLE PEO 104
73 Washington Baby Just Can'T Get You Out Of My Mind PEOPLE PEO 105
74 Reese Della Who Is She And What Is She To You PEOPLE PEO 106
74 Washington Baby I'Ve Got To Break Away PEOPLE PEO 107
74 Downing Don Dream World PEOPLE PEO 108
74 Wilson Reuben  I'Ll Take You There PEOPLE PEO 109
74 K Krissie Stick Up PEOPLE PEO 110
74 Westside Running In And Out Of My Life PEOPLE PEO 111
74 Troy Doris Stretching Out PEOPLE PEO 112
74 Kelly J & Prehiers She Calls Me Baby PEOPLE PEO 113
74 Smith Barry Hold On To It PEOPLE PEO 114
74 Summer Donna The Hostage PEOPLE PEO 115
74 Wee Willie & Winners I Don'T Know What You Got But I Know PEOPLE PEO 116
74 James Jimmy Hel Yourself PEOPLE PEO 117
75 Brothers In The Pocket PEOPLE PEO 118
75 Smith Barry Hold On To It PEOPLE PEO 119

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