Independent label: Pentagon Records was owned by songwriters and producers Geoff Morrow and Chris Arnold, and thus a descendant of Samantha and Ammo.  Pentagon issued just five singles; the company intended to work on releases till they broke through, with a new record not being issued until the potential of the previous one had been exhausted.  Sadly, none of the singles appears to have sold in any great quantity.  Boy band Child went on to taste Chart success in 1978-79 with the Ariola Hansa label, but their single on Pentagon, 'What's A Nice Girl Like You' (PENT-1; 5/77), went unnoticed.  For the first four singles the label was orange and the company sleeve slightly unambitious, but for the fifth and last, Telescope's 'Bye Byes Ain't Nice' - now a Punk collectors' item - the label turned black and the sleeve design changed to something more jazzy in orange.  Manufacture was by Decca, distribution by Selecta.  Gerry Marsden had signed a three-year contract with Pentagon, but the company seems not to have lasted long into 1978.  In 1979 Geoff Morrow formed Chopper Records with Laurence Bristow. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Child Whats A Nice Girl Like You PENTAGON PENT 1
77 Gerry & Pacemakers You'Ll Never Walk Alone PENTAGON PENT 2
77 Ann Gallant Good Friend Of Mine PENTAGON PENT 3
77 Slick Willie Sidewalk Surfing-Skate Bording PENTAGON PENT 4
77 Telescopes Bye Byes AinīT Nice PENTAGON PENT 5

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