Borderline, this one, but as I've given Spark's 'Northern Soul' series its own page for nothing more than having an overprint on an issue label I suppose I'd better be consistent and give one to Penny Farthing's 'Trophy' series.  'Music Week' of the 5th of August 1972 announced that Larry Page intended to launch a new series of records under the 'Trophy' banner, with the first fruits being singles by the Manchester United and Liverpool football clubs.  The two singles, 'United, Manchester United' b/w 'Saturday Afternoon' (PEN-783) and 'Sing A Song For Liverpool' b/w 'Liverpool, Liverpool' (PEN-794) duly appeared, with the squads singing on the 'A' sides and the supporters on the 'B's.  There were also albums by both teams, 'United, Manchester United' (PELS-529; 1972) and 'Sing Along With Liverpool' (PELS-530; 1972).  For better or worse, however, the 'Trophy' series seems to have been confined to those four releases, and when the United album was reissued a couple of years later it emerged on the common or garden Penny Farthing label without the overprint.  Not unreasonably, catalogue numbers were used for the 'Trophy' records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 The Manchester United Football Team United, Manchester United PENNY FARTHING TROPHY SERIES PEN 793
72 The Liverpool Football Team Sing A Song For Liverpool PENNY FARTHING TROPHY SERIES PEN 794

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