Independent Reggae label: Penguin Records was owned by Count Shelly and handled by Third World.  Catalogue numbers suggest that Penguin issued at least eighteen 7" singles during 1975-77, it followed them up with a couple of 12" singles in or around 1980.  Numbering was in a PEN-0 series which sometimes gained an extra zero at the start of the number. Early Penguin singles as made available through wholesaler Lugton in 1979; Distribution of some of the later singles was by Daddy Kool.  Some singles have been Orlake pressings. Distributed By Third World Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 King Brenton  Mama Say  PENGUIN PEN 1
75 Curtis Winston  Send You  PENGUIN PEN 2
75 Curtis Winston  Freedom Train PENGUIN PEN 3
75 Honey Boy  Worried Over You  PENGUIN PEN 4
75 Honey Boy  In A Game  PENGUIN PEN 5
75 Weir Keith  Just Because  PENGUIN PEN 06
75 Grey Owen  I Think Of You  PENGUIN PEN 07
75 Curtis Winston  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow PENGUIN PEN 08
75 Honeyboy Loy's Waist Line PENGUIN PEN 09
76 Spence Barrington  Natty Dread Have Wisdom  PENGUIN PEN 10
76 Raymondo & Sonia  My Love PENGUIN PEN 11
76 Honey Boy  Then I Kissed Her  PENGUIN PEN 13
76 Honey Boy  Heart Of Gold PENGUIN PEN 14
77 Lionites  Woman You Check For Vanity  PENGUIN PEN 15
77 Jah Stitch  Militant Man  PENGUIN PEN 16
77 U-Brown  Natty Dub It In A London PENGUIN PEN 17
77 Brown Dennis  Have No Fear PENGUIN PEN 18

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