Independent label: Penguin Primary Project Records was a product of Penguin Books' Education Division, and one of those cases where records are intended to accompany books rather than to stand alone.  The Penguin Primary Project was responsible for at least seven Various Artist EPs from 1972 to 1974; as the name suggests, they were intended as teaching aids for courses aimed at primary school children.  Numbering was in a PE-0 series, each side having its own number; each record also had an 'XX' prefixed number.  Two of the records, 'Finding Your Voice' and 'Heartbeats And Mouthmusic' were reviewed as part of an article on the project in 'New Scientist' magazine of the 23rd of March 1972, which gave their price as 95p.  The labels on the EPs were all of the same design but they came in several different colours.  Pressing of the examples shown was by Decca; other (LP) collaborations between Penguin and Decca can be found on the Argo label.  Distributed By Penguin Books Ltd. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 No Artist Listed Talking English PENGUIN PRIMARY PROJECT PE 1 / 2 XX 1204
72 No Artist Listed Finding Your Voice PENGUIN PRIMARY PROJECT PE 3 / 4 XX 1205
72 No Artist Listed Heartbeats and Mouthmusic PENGUIN PRIMARY PROJECT PE 5 / 6 XX 1208
72 No Artist Listed Working And Dancing PENGUIN PRIMARY PROJECT PE 7 / 8 XX 1209
72 No Artist Listed Food - Bread PENGUIN PRIMARY PROJECT PE 9 / 10 XX 1912
74 No Artist Listed Families Song And Dance PENGUIN PRIMARY PROJECT PE 13 / 14 XX 1941

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