Independent label: Pemini Organisation Records was a was film production company, based in Boreham Wood, Herts. It was responsible for at least three films, all of which came out in the early '70s.  In between 'Hunted' (1971) and 'Moments' (1974) it made 'Assassin' (1973), selections from the soundtrack of which were made available on an EP.  There was no artist credit on the label, nor was there a catalogue number, but the record came in a picture cover.  According to the cover the music was composed and conducted by Zack Laurence.  Items on the EP were 'Assassin Theme', 'Escape', 'Shoot Out' and 'Knock On My Door', the last having vocals by Laurence Weston.  I would guess that it was intended as a promotional item for the film and was not available for sale to the general public.  The company doesn't appear to have made any more records, promotional or otherwise. Distributed By Pemini Organisation Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Zack Laurence Assassin Theme PEMINI ORGANISATION No Cat Number

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