Pelman Productions Records was a DIY label from the early '70s. It issued at least two records, both of which were by singer Peter Firmani and both of which were recorded by SRT Studios.  They were given catalogue numbers from SRT's own series.  First out was an EP, 'Peter Firmani Sings' (SRT-71160); the first two figures of SRT numbers seem to indicate the year in which the recording was made, so presumbly the EP was issued in 1971 or early 1972.  It was followed in 1973 by an album, 'Peter Firmani Sings In Clubland' (SRT-73284).  Another Peter Firmani album appeared in the following year, 'Peter Firmani Sings Your Requests' (SRT-73342; 1974), but that is said to be on the actual SRT label rather than on Pelman Productions. Distributed By Pelman Productions Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Firmani Peter  Peter Firmani Sings PELMAN PRODUCTIONS SRT 71160
73 Tony Rowley Tony Rowley (ALBUM) PELMAN PRODUCTIONS SRT 72261
73 Firmani Peter  Peter Firmani Sings In Clubland (ALBUM) PELMAN PRODUCTIONS SRT 73284
73 Peter Firmani Sings Your Requests (ALBUM) SRT PRODUCTIONS SRT 73342

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