Independent Reggae and Dub Label: Pearl Records associated with Plastic Fantastic Records.  Pearl issued two 7" singles in 1978, in a PFU-8000 series.  PFU-8000 was Tito Simon's, 'Things Will Be Better' (12/78); 8001 was the Liberators', 'Enemies Are Coming' - two contradictory titles, there.  Tito Simon was the owner of the label, which also managed one 12" single and a couple of LPs. Manufacture and Distribution were by Pye. Tito Simon (born Keith Foster, 1948, St Mary's, Jamaica) is a Jamaican reggae singer and producer. Tito Simon left Jamaica in 1961 to start a new life in the UK. Simon appeared with Dandy Livingstone as one half of Sugar & Dandy. In 1972 Simon returned to Jamaica He later where he began an association with Clancy Eccles, recording the popular ‘Easy Come Easy Go’, followed by a string of hits including ‘You Can’t Be Serious’, ‘I’ll Be True To You’ and ‘She Aint Nothing But The Real Thing’. He had solo success with tunes such as "This Monday Morning Feeling" which he wrote and produced. The song reached no 45 in the UK Singles Chart in February 1975. Liberators  Band Members were Bass – Wendell Turner, Drums – Solomon Hayden, Keyboards – Roy Barnes, Lead Guitar – Melborne West Lead Vocals – Godfrey Barrett, Rhythm Guitar – Leaford Copes. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Tito Simon  Things Will Be Better PEARL PFU 8000
78 Liberators  Enemies Are Coming PEARL PFU 8001

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