Independent label: Peacock Records had nothing to do with the American label of that name.  It appeared, and disappeared, in 1972, leaving behind a mere three singles: a brassy Rocker from Turnbull & Arkwright, and two Singer/Songwriter things by Peter Nelson - ex Peter's Faces, Flowerpot Men and White Plains.  Printed in gold on a black-and-white background, Peacock had a striking appearance; its records were manufactured and distributed by President Records.  Numbering started at PEA-500 and ended at PEA-502. There aren't many Peacocks around, today. Peter Nelson Real Name: Peter Lipscomb was In the Groups: Flower Pot Men, Peter Nelson & The Travellers, Peter's Faces, White Plains. Turnbull And Arkwright Members: John Turnbull, Born August 27, 1950, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland Micky Gallagher. Born October 29, 1945, Fenham, Tyne and Wear. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Peter Nelson  Making My Life So Easy PEACOCK PEA 500
72 Turnball & Arkwright Smugglin' Man PEACOCK PEA 501
72 Peter Nelson  Good Scotch Whisky PEACOCK PEA 502

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