Independent label: Peacock Records was a label of Peacock Sound Studios, of Newport, Isle of Wight.  Peacock was owned by Tom Taylor; it issued at least two singles, 'Dance Apache' by Wightsound (AT-842; 3/75) and Neon Rainbow's 'Steppin' and Stridin', for which I have neither a date nor a catalogue number - AT-843 and 1975 would seem to be reasonable guesses.  There were also two albums of Country music, one each by Brian Munro and Ian Attrill.  The material on Peacock has a 'custom recording' look to it. Distributed By Peacock Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Not Traced   PEACOCK AT 841
75 Wightsound Dance Apache PEACOCK AT 842
75 Neon Rainbow Steppin' and Stridin PEACOCK AT 843
75 Not Traced PEACOCK AT 844
76 Brian Munro Brian Munro Sings Country Songs (Album)  PEACOCK AT 845
77 Ian Attrill The Country Sounds Of Ian Attrill (Album) PEACOCK AT 846

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