Independent label: Patheway Records. There was an American Patheway label, which operated in the late '60s and early '70s in the USA, and released a number of sides which are of interest to collectors of Soul records, but it appears to have had no connection with the British version.  Our Patheway was formed to handle material from the Proclaim and Revival catalogues, and is reported to have had 50 LPs under its control in 1972, at which point its managing director was David Thornton-Pickering.  It issued at least four singles in 1971, using a PAT-100 numbering series.  Of interest is a record by actor Stuart Damon, 'There's A Light' (PAT-102).  John Hawkins, who co-produced the Cool Breeze single 'People Ask What Love Is' (PAT-103), also produced a 1970 Stuart Damon single on Acclaim Records.  His presence on both labels, and the fact that they look very similar, suggests that they may have been related - did he own them both?  The Cool Breeze single was pressed by Pye.  Marketing was by Reflection, whose own singles again have a very similar apperance to those of Patheway. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Jo Stahl Biding My Time PATHWAY PAT 101
71 Stuart Damon There'S A Light PATHWAY PAT 102
71 Cool Breeze People Ask What Love Is PATHWAY PAT 103
71 Van Ila No Good Jim PATHWAY PAT 104

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