Independent Reggae label: Paradise Records is a subsidiary of Third World, There were at least two different Paradise labels in the 1970s.  This one, the earliest, was owned by Count Shelly and was a Reggae label.  It came in one basic design but in several different colour schemes.  The company seems to have issued eight singles in 1974, using a PR-00 numerical series; there was then a break until 1977, when PD-000 numbers were used.  From 1977 onwards the company seems to have concentrated on 12" singles.  Marketing and distribution were by Third World, and the label lasted until 1982.   The second '70s Paradise label was American-based. There was another Paradise company but it dated from the 1980s; it was based in the Midlands, its singles were numbered in the PAR-1000s, and it appears to have concentrated on Folk music. Distributed By Third World, Jetstar and EMI Records. Paradise Records Former address Third World Recording Co. Ltd: 113A Stoke Newington Road, London N16, and 261 High Road Park, Tottenham, London N15 4 RR. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Ginger Williams  I Can'T Resist Your Tenderness  PARADISE PR 01
76 Brown Sindy  If You Should Lose Me  PARADISE PR 02
76 Dunkley Errol  Soothe Me Baby PARADISE PR 03
76 Campbell Billy  Stand By Me  PARADISE PR 04
76 Winston Curtis  So Many Ways  PARADISE PR 05
76 Ginger Williams  Your Love Driving Me Crazy  PARADISE PR 06
76 Robinson Mike  Somebody Call Me  PARADISE PR 07
76 Ginger Williams  In My Heart There'S A Place  PARADISE PR 08
77 Robinson Mike  Somebody Call Me  PARADISE PD 001
77 Aggrovators Channel One Crash  PARADISE PD 002
77 Channel One Crash  And The Lord Said  PARADISE PD 003
77 Clarke Johnny  Keep On Moving  PARADISE PD 004
77 Taylor Tyrone & Observer  I Got A Feeling PARADISE PD 005
77 Dyhema  Jah Jah I PARADISE PD 006
77 Honey Boy  Penny For Your Song PARADISE PD 7
79 Ansil Meditation Quiet Woman PARADISE PIS 514

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