Independent American, from Los Angeles label: Parachute Records was was founded by Russ Regan - formerly president of 20th Century Records - in partnership with Casablanca Records. It issued records from the summer of 1977 into 1979, and its catalogue seems to have concentrated upon dance music.  When the agreement with Casablanca expired, in 1979, Regan resigned from his post as president and the label was discontinued.  In Britain, Parachute came on the scene towards the end of 1977 and issued fewer than a dozen singles.  Despite the fact that most of them appear to have enjoyed some kind of Chart action in America they failed to repat that success here.  Pye handled manufacture and distribution, as it did for parent label Casablanca during that period.  Numbering was in the RRS-500s, and promos were marked in the Pye style of that period - with a large black central 'A'.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Castle David Ten To Eight PARACHUTE RRS 501
77 Jefferson Maurice Spank Your Blank Blank PARACHUTE RRS 502
78 Castle David All I Ever Wanna Be Is Yours PARACHUTE RRS 503
78 Stonebolt I Will Still Love You PARACHUTE RRS 504
78 7Th Wonder People In Love PARACHUTE RRS 505
78 Not Issued PARACHUTE RRS 506
79 Hodges Pat Fly By Night PARACHUTE RRS 507
79 Brown Randy I Thought Of You Today PARACHUTE RRS 508
79 Castle Dave Hold Me A Little Longer PARACHUTE RRS 509

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