Independent label: Paladin Records was a Pop-orientated label from 1976-77.  Paladin was a division of London Tunesmiths.  It succeeded that company's Birds Nest label, only for Birds Nest to make a return when Paladin expired.  Its singles came with two different labels: an early multicoloured one, with numbering in a PAL-0 series, and a later green-on-white one, with the numbering altered to PAL-5000.  The numbers ran consecutively, 013 being followed by 5014, but a couple seem not to have been used; PAL-5027 appears to have been the last release.   None of Paladin's products ever bothered the compilers of the Singles chart. Manufacture and distribution were by Pye. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Freeway  Jump Up & Turn Around PALADIN PAL 1
76 Panache Let There Be Drums PALADIN PAL 2
76 Pebble Beach Band Fun Fun Fun PALADIN PAL 3
76 Evett Sonny Reach For The Sky PALADIN PAL 4
76 M & O Band Summer Hustle PALADIN PAL 5
76 Alyson I Do Do Do Do Do  PALADIN PAL 6
76 Fergus Gotcha Now PALADIN PAL 7
76 Not Issued PALADIN PAL 8
76 Not Issued PALADIN PAL 9
76 Black Amber Tell Us PALADIN PAL 10
76 Feminine Touch You Make Me Come Alive PALADIN PAL 11
76 Wildy No Smoking PALADIN PAL 12
76 M & O Band White Christmas PALADIN PAL 13
76 Goodbody'S Renegades Brand New 88 PALADIN PAL 5014
77 Fergus Hello PALADIN PAL 5015
77 Froggs Puppet Love PALADIN PAL 5016
77 Sally J I Try PALADIN PAL 5017
77 Population Now America PALADIN PAL 5018
77 Not Issued PALADIN PAL 5019
77 Various Artist 6 International Disco Hits PALADIN PAL 5020
77 Joker Gonna Fix You Good PALADIN PAL 5021
78 Martin Nina I Am Agressive PALADIN PAL 5022
78 Fergus Indian Daughter PALADIN PAL 5023

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