Independent label: Pageant Records, Thia is the  earliest of two Pageants labels from the '70s, the single shown  'Ride Ride Ride (Dick Turpin)', by Smoke (SAM 101) is in the run-out grooves, presumably the same band which had a minor hit with 'My Friend Jack' in 1967.  It came out in 1971, with a catalogue number of SAM-101.  The fact that the publishers are 'Mr. Sam Music' suggests a link with Monty Babson's Morgan Studios, whose publishing company that was.  Pressing was by Orlake. Distributed By Pageant Records. The Smoke was an English pop group from York. They consisted of Mick Rowley (lead vocals) (born Michael Rowley, 29 June 1946, Scarborough, Yorkshire), Mal Luker (lead guitar) (born Malcom Luker, 3 March 1946, New Delhi, India), John "Zeke" Lund (bass) (born John Raine Lund, 13 November 1945, York, Yorkshire) and Geoff Gill (drums and compositor) (born Geoffrey Robert Gill, 15 May 1949, York). The band originally performed around Yorkshire as "The Moonshots", changing their name to "The Shots" when they moved to London. There were two bands playing R & B and other cover versions, one was called Tony Adams and the Viceroys, who included John 'Zeke' Lund on bass; Mal Luker on guitar and David Gill on drums. The other band was The Moonshots, who included Mick Rowley on lead vocals and Phil Peacock on guitar. The band then came together as The Shots and made a single for Columbia - 'Keep A Hold Of What You've Got' which flopped. At some point Peacock left the band, who then changed their name to The Smoke. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Smoke Ride Ride Ride (Dick Turpin) PAGEANT SAM 101

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