Independent American label: Pacific Records is the third label of the '70s and was run by publishers Warner Brothers Music. Acts were to be signed for singles, with LPs only being considered in the wake of a hit.  Pacific issued three albums and several singles in the States between 1977 and 1980, but its only releases in Britain seem to have consisted of an album and a quartet of singles by Alan O'Day.  Manufacture and distribution was by WEA over here, and the singles shared Atlantic's K-10000 numbering sequence.  None of the records troubled the Chart, though a previous single by O'Day, 'Undercover Angel', on the Atlantic label (K-10926; 1977) had made a brief visit to the Top 50 a few months before Pacific came on the scene.  Other Pacific artists in the USA were Sandy Davis and David Pomeranz; both of them had had records out in Britain earlier but their Pacific material appears not to have seen the light of day here. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Alan O'Day  Soldiers Of Fortune PACIFIC K 11025
77 Alan O'Day  Started Out Dancing Ended Up Making Love PACIFIC K 11212
79 Alan O'Day  Oh Johnny PACIFIC K 11391
80 Alan O'Day  Skinny Girls PACIFIC K 11457

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