Independent American label: Pablo Today Records was a branch of Norman Grantz's 'Pablo' label. It was intended to venture into areas outside mainstream Jazz, such as Jazz Fusion.  It concentrated on albums, many of which appear not to have been released in Britain.  The only single on the label, Paulinho Da Costa's, 'Deja Vu (STEP-3)' came out in September 1979 and was aimed at the Disco market; it had a matrix number of 2018-005, which makes it a successor to the four singles which were issued on the Pablo label proper.  It was part of Polydor's short-lived 'Steppin' Out' Disco series, which accounts for the STEP-3 catalogue number and the sleeve: the other singles in the series were on Polydor.  Manufacture and distribution were by Phonodisc in Britain, which accounts for the dull injection-moulded labels.  There was also a 12" version of the single, which numbered STEPX-3; it had purple-and-white-halved paper labels with the Pablo logo in white on the purple (top) half. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Tamiko Jones Can't Live Without Your Love POLYDOR (STEPPIN OUT DISCO) STEP 001
79 James Brown Star Generation POLYDOR (STEPPIN OUT DISCO) STEP 002
79 Paulinho Da Costa  Deja Vu PABLO TODAY STEP 3
79 Isaac Hayes Don't Let Go POLYDOR (STEPPIN OUT DISCO) STEP 4
79 Gloria Gaynor Let Me Know (I Have A Right)  POLYDOR (STEPPIN OUT DISCO) STEP 5
79 Roy Ayers Don't Stop The Feeling / Don't Hide Your Love POLYDOR (STEPPIN OUT DISCO) STEP 6
79 Wayne Henderson Dancin' Love Affair  POLYDOR (STEPPIN OUT DISCO) STEP 7
79 Gloria Gaynor Tonight POLYDOR (STEPPIN OUT DISCO) STEP 8

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