Independent label: Oyster Records was an offshoot of Purple Records. Purple Records had gained a reputation as a Heavy Metal label, and Oyster was intended to bring in a bit of balance.  It released a handful of singles in 1975-76, using an OYR-100 numbering series; the singles had slightly different label designs for their A-sides and B-sides.  Manufacturing and distribution were by EMI, as they were for the parent company.  By mid 1976, however, Oyster had moved to Polydor, and had shrunk to become merely a logo on the parent company's label; the '2066' prefixed items in the discography below are on that label.   The only Oyster record, of either variety to ever entered the Singles Chart was Rainbow's live EP with 'Kill The King' on it (2066-845), which didn't quite break into the Top 40 - it did well enough to be reissued in 1981 as POSP-774, when it managed a three-place improvement, reaching No. 41. Distributed By EMI and Polydor Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Ashton Tony Resurrection Shuffle OYSTER  OYR 101
76 Natural Magic Strawberry Fields Forever OYSTER  OYR 102
76 Blackmore'S Ritchie Rainbow Man On The Silver Mountain OYSTER  OYR 103
76 Starliners Weekend Girl OYSTER  OYR 104
76 Reflections Whenever I'M Away From You OYSTER  OYR 105
76 Great Oh Wot A Big One OYSTER  2066 699
76 Strawbs I Only Want My Love To Grow In You OYSTER  2066 705
76 Strawbs Beside The Rio Grande OYSTER  2066 744
77 Strawbs Back In The Old Routine OYSTER  2066 818
77 Rainbow Live OYSTER  2066 845
77 Strawbs Keep On Trying OYSTER  2066 846
77 Rainbow Live OYSTER  POSP 274

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