Overdrive Records was a DIY label. Devoted to the music of Richard Ashworth.  Overdrive issued three singles in four years: 'M 3 Revisited' (ORDER-1; 1978); 'Surrey Skyline' (ORDER-2;1979) and 'Babes In The Woods' (ORDER-3; 1981).  'Surrey Skyline' was pressed by Lyntone, had a matrix number of LYN-6538, and was distributed by Lightning, Rough Trade, Bonaparte and One Stop, who between them handled any number of DIY and small independent labels. According to the picture sleeve, Overdrive could be contacted via Venus Records, of Farnham, Surrey. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Richard Ashworth M 3 Revisited OVERDRIVE ORDER 1
79 Richard Ashworth Surrey Skyline OVERDRIVE ORDER 2
81 Richard Ashworth Babes In The Woods OVERDRIVE ORDER 3

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