Oven Ready Records was a DIY label from Micklefield, near High Wycombe, Oven Ready was an outlet for the recordings of Clive Whitelock and Ray Bate, who grew up in that town.  It put out two records by their band, 'Occasionally David': an EP, 'Twist And Shout' (OD-77901; 1979), and a single, 'I Can't Get Used To Losing You' (OD-98002; 1980).  The first three digits of the numbers give the month and year in which the records were made - 7/79 and 9/80.  Occasionally David also released a cassette, their version of Love's 'Forever Changes' in 1987, and a CD album, 'Micklefield', in 1996.  Logically enough, the labels of the two singles each had a picture of a cooker on it; the cookers were of different designs.  There was another Oven Ready label in 1980, which was responsible for an EP by Warning, 'Mindless Atrocities' (1S/W-1046), but that was from the Newcastle area. Distributed By Oven Ready Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Occasionally David Twist And Shout [Ep] OVEN READY O.D 77901
80 Occasionally David I Can'T Get Used To Losing You ( So I'M Coming Back ) OVEN READY O.D 98002

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