Independent label: Ovalstiff Records As the name indicates was the fruit of a collaboration between Charlie Gillett's 'Oval Records' and Dave Robinson's 'Stiff Records'.  It issued one single, consisting of two old Oval 'A' sides put back to back, the sides in question being Johnnie Allan's 'Promised Land' and 'One Heart One Song' by Pete Fowler.  The single was numbered LOT-1, and it came out in February 1978.  The label was revived in 1982 when a further two singles appeared, both by Woodhead Monroe: 'Identity' (LOT-2; 3/82) and 'Mumbo Jumbo' (LOT-3; 5/82). . Distributed By Stiff Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Allen Johnnie  Promised Land OVALSTIFF LOT 1
82 Woodhead Monroe Identity OVALSTIFF LOT 2
82 Woodhead Monroe Mumbo Jumbo OVALSTIFF LOT 3

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