Independent label: Oval Records was set up in 1972 by broadcaster / writer Charlie Gillett and Gordon Nelki.  Oval's first actual release came out in 1974, through Virgin; it was an album of Cajun material.  Records in a variety of styles followed, including several Reggae singles; numbering was in the OVAL-1000s. Virgin remained responsible for marketing and distributing Oval product, at first via Island and EMI, then, in 1976, through Anchor and CBS. After the release of its twelfth single, in August 1976, Oval seems to have taken a break.  It next appeared in early 1978 when it combined forces with Stiff Records to release a couple of old Oval 'A' sides back to back as a single on the 'Ovalstiff' label.  Late that same year it forged another partnership, this time with A&M Records; around half a dozen singles were issued on the 'A&M / Oval' label, using A&M catalogue numbers, before the company struck out on its own again, towards the end of 1979.  It picked up its numbering where it had left off, starting with OVAL-1013, but distribution was now by Spartan.  Several different label designs were used by Oval during the '70s and '80s: the first single had a light blue label; the second had a similar appearance but with a large dark-blue oval around the perimeter and another small dark-blue oval on the right hand side.  The orange design came into use with OVAL-1003 and was used until OVAL-1012.  Labels throughout this period credit Virgin with distribution; manufacture was presumably by EMI until the start of 1976 and CBS from then until the break - those were the companies which pressed Virgin's singles at those times. The revival in 1979 saw a new halved design being used, in pink and green for 1013 and 1014, and in pink and yellow for 1015 and 1016); 1015 was pressed by Lyntone.  By the middle of 1984 Pinnacle had taken over distribution.  Oval Music is still very much in business today. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Johnnie Allen  Promised Land OVAL OVAL 1001
75 Celebrated Artists Band Who Do You Think You Are OVAL OVAL 1002
75 Jimme Shelter Achin' In My Heart OVAL OVAL 1003
75 Tommy McLain Before I Grow Too Old OVAL OVAL 1004
75 Pete Fowler One Heart One Song OVAL OVAL 1005
75 Barbara Lynn Letter To Mommy & Daddy OVAL OVAL 1006
75 Sir Douglas Quintet Mendocino OVAL OVAL 1007
76 Michael Rose Guess Who'S Coming To Dinner OVAL OVAL 1008
76 Dennis Brown Go Now OVAL OVAL 1009
76 Horace Andy I'M In Love OVAL OVAL 1010
76 Not Traced OVAL OVAL 1011
76 Tommy McLain Sweet Dreams OVAL OVAL 1012
79 Reluctant Stereotypes The Lull OVAL OVAL 1013
79 Ed Sirrs I Think I Think Too Much OVAL OVAL 1014
79 Rhythm On The Road Witches Brew OVAL OVAL 1015
79 Holly And The Italians Tell That Girl To Shut Up OVAL OVAL 1016
80 Woodhead Monroe Mumbo Jumbo OVAL WOOD 17
80 Kakoulli Harry I'M On A Rocket OVAL HARRY 18
81 Airstrip 1 Longer To Live OVAL OVEP 19
82 Direct Drive Don'T Depend On Me OVAL DRIVE 20
82 Direct Drive I'M The One OVAL DRIVE 21
82 First Light Horse With No Name OVAL FLIGHT 22
82 First Light A.M OVAL FLIGHT 23
83 Republic My Spies OVAL FLAG 24
83 Shapiro Helen Let Yourself Go OVAL HELEN 25
84 Shapiro Helen Brickyard Blues OVAL OVAL 26
84 Swimming To France You Never Even Asked OVAL OVAL 27
84 African Connexion C'Est La Dase OVAL OVAL 28
84 Republic One Chance OVAL OVAL 29
84 Kantata Asiko OVAL OVAL 30
84 George Darko  High Life Time OVAL OVAL 31

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