Independent label: Outatune Records was run by Minimalist musician Bob Giddens.  Its first release, 'Spiv' by Surplus Stock (OUT-7911; 1979) was recorded in Cargo Studios and appears to have been issued in Britain, but Giddens moved to Germany and subsequent records were released over there.  The label kept going until at least 1988.  The catalogue numbers seem to have consisted of the last two figures of the year of issue, followed by the month of issue. Distributed By Outatune Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Surplus Stock Spiv OUTATUNE OUT 7911
80 Surplus Stock Holland In Not (Album) OUTATUNE OUT 8004
82 Surplus Stock Let's Kill Each Other OUTATUNE OUT 8201
82 The Diagram Brothers German E.P. OUTATUNE OUT 8207
83 Surplus Stock Dance Ersatz ?(12") OUTATUNE OUT 8302
84 Surplus Stock Maverick Intention (Album) OUTATUNE OUT 8401
84 Orthotonics Wake Up You Must Remember (Album) OUTATUNE OUT 8408
86 Cliff Barnes And The Fear Of Winning Nancy And Ronnie OUTATUNE OUT 8610
88 Very Inc Sorrow OUTATUNE OUT 8805 S

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