Independent label: Osprey Records was a Scottish DIY label. It released at least one record, a single by Folk group Mannfolk, 'Summer in Seville' b/w Little Bit Of Sunshine'.  Its catalogue number was MF-112, which makes you wonder if there was an MF-111, and it came out in 1977.  Mannfolk had put out a DIY EP on the 'Folk On The Fringe' label. The previous year, so I suppose that that might have been counted as MF-111.  The single's label doesn't have 'Osprey Records' anywhere on it, but, as can be seen from the scans, the label name was printed on the sleeve.  Distributed By Osprey Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Not Traced OSPREY MF 111
77 Mannfolk Summer in Seville b/w Little Bit Of Sunshine OSPREY MF 112

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