Orphan Records was a DIY label. And one of those cases where I've had to name a label after the band whose record appeared on it.  There's no actual label identity on Orphan's 'I Don't Want To Go' b/w 'Little Mother', but its catalogue number, ORP-001, suggests that calling it 'Orphan' may be reasonable enough.  The band was from the West Midlands area; this was their first single, and it was presumably self-financed, though the resemblance to the first Graduate label, requires explaining.  There's no date on the record, but its matrix numbers - EJSP-9312 and LYN-7541 - indicate that it was made in late 1979.  The 'EJSP' number suggests that the record was made through custom recording firm Ellie Jay, and the 'LYN' one indicates that pressing was by Lyntone, while the label credits Horizon with the actual recording.  The band went on to make several more singles in the '80s for the local 'Scoop' label, one of which, the vaguely psychedelic 'Julie Isn't Julie In The Bath', was picked up by Brilliant Records in April 1984 and made more widely available.  Its Brilliant catalogue number, HIT-6, proved over-optimistic, but it was a quirky record and it deserved to be successful.  Distributed By Orphan Records. The Orphan was a post punk new wave band based in Birmingham UK, founded by singer/songwriter Phill J. Dunn (Phillip James Dunn). The band went through various incarnations – and included Phill Dunn (rhythm guitar/lead vocal/main writer), Phil Campion (keyboards), Pete Dunn (bass), Phil Vickers (drums), Richard Westwood (drums), Keith Jones (violin), Trevor Wigley (lead guitar), Steve Leighton (lead guitar), they were the main players, and there’s a couple of others that stood in very briefly at the beginning. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Orphan I Don’t Want To Go (To Work Tomorrow) /Little Mother ORPHAN ORP 001

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