Independent American label: Ork Records was from New York. And was owned by Terry Ork, manager of Punk group Television and booking agent at the city's CBGB's club.  It lasted from 1975-77 in the States, and made a brief comeback in 1979.  Only singles from the 1979 revival period were issued on Ork over here.  There were different labels on the 'A' and 'B'  sides.  There is some confusion over catalogue numbers: of the Cheetah Chrome single 'Still Wanna Die' it has the matrix number NYC-4 on the run-off but the catalogue number NYC-5 on the label.    Manufacture and Distribution were by WEA. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Television Little Jimmy Jewel (12") ORK NYC 1
79 Idols You ORK NYC 2
79 Revlons Way ORK NYC 3
79 Ceetah Chrome  Still Wanna Die ORK NYC 4
80 Student Teachers Channel 13 ORK NYC 5

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