Independent label: Orchid Records released at least five singles in 1979/80, the first of which was 'My Love Ain't Loving Me None', by the Reg Webb Band (OR-100; 11/79).  Manufacture and distribution were by Pye.   The Reg Webb band later released an LP, 'I Ain't Signing Nothin'', which is notable for being the first record to feature soon-to-be star Nik Kershaw, on guitar and vocals.   Rumour has it that Kershaw joined too late to feature on the single.  A record by Bonnie Parker and the Acme Attractions, 'Eve Of Destruction', was issued on an Orchid label in 1981, but appears to have been a different species of Orchid - the label design and catalogue number series were different, and it was a product of the SRT studios. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Reg Webb Band My Love Ain'T Lovin' Me None ORCHID OR 100
79 Sue Cuss  You Really Got Me ORCHID OR 101
79 T.S.K I'M Born Again ORCHID OR 102
79 Sue Cuss  Teenanger in love ORCHID OR 103
79 Nick Satan & The Rockin´ Devils* Come And Tell Me Why You´re Leaving Me ORCHID OR 104

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