Independent Soul / Reggae label: Orbitone Records was owned by Sonny Roberts.  It started life as a record shop.  It appears to have begun issuing its own records in 1972 and it filled its market niche effectively but quietly until 1987, when a couple of singles by Judy Boucher at last took it into the Singles Chart; 'Can't Be With You Tonight' (OR 7-21) did particularly well, reaching the No.2 spot.  The colours of the label varied, as did the design on occasions; genrally they what appear to be land masses on them, but there were occasional pressings with plain labels.  Catalogue numbers varied also: what seems to have been the first Orbitone single, B. Lynch's 'Lonesome Road' was numbered HI-001; HI-002 seems only to exist as a white labelled promo. 1973 saw the Vaughns' 'Vaya Con Dios' given the number TAK-007; other numbers in that series were used later by the Tackle label, a subsidiary of Orbitone.  There was also an ORB-001, Sonny Roberts's 'Instruction 1'.  Subsequent issues were numbered in the OT-000s; early on, singles and LPs alike shared this numbering, though LPs soon gained their own 'OTLP'-prefixed numbers.  In 1978 the OT-000 series was replaced by an ORB-00 one.  In the early '80s Orbitone seems to have concentrated on 12" singles, as did many other Reggae companies. Distributed By Jetstar and EMI Records. Sonny Roberts (born in 1932), often known as Sonny Orbitone, is a Jamaican record producer who had success within the British reggae market in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s with his Planetone and Orbitone record labels. Roberts, who was originally a carpenter, emigrated to London in 1958. In 1961 he set up a recording studio in the basement of 108 Cambridge Road (a property owned by future Trojan Records founder Lee Gopthal), the first in Britain owned by a Jamaican. He started the Planetone label the following year (and later the Sway label), sharing premises with Island Records which provided distribution. In the mid-1970s he opened a record shop in Harlesden and started the Orbitone label, which was one of the key lovers rock labels. Roberts also ran the Love Vendor sound system. He returned to Jamaica in 1997, living in Saint Andrew Parish, where he runs a company producing natural colouring and seasoning products. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 B. Lynch Lonesome Road ORBITONE  HI 001
72 No Artist Listed In Times Like This (Promo Only) ORBITONE  HI 002
73 Sonny And Ken Instruction 1 ORBITONE  ORB 001
73 Vaughns Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You) ORBITONE  TAK 007
73 Not Traced ORBITONE  OT 01
73 King Fuzz Standing In The Rain ORBITONE  OT 02
73 Not Traced ORBITONE  OT 03
73 Lizzy International Dub ORBITONE  OT 004
73 Nkengas Destruction (Album) ORBITONE  OT 005
73 Nkengas Nkengas In London (Album) ORBITONE  OT 006
73 Not Traced ORBITONE  OT 007
73 Not Traced ORBITONE  OT 008
74 Nkengas Jack Jones / Jungle Funk  ORBITONE  OT 009
74 Teddy Davis  Tears From My Eyes  ORBITONE  OT 0010
74 Raymondo Let The Heartaches Begin  ORBITONE  OT 011
74 Vaughns Take Me In Baby  ORBITONE  OT 012
74 Not Issued ORBITONE  OT 013
74 Teddy Davis  Togetherness ORBITONE  OT 014
74 Raymondo How Can I Leave You  ORBITONE  OT 015
74 Teddy Davis  All Alone ORBITONE  OT 016
74 Raymondo Watch The Moon  ORBITONE  OT 017
74 Angie Lee-Sommers Can I Ride Along ORBITONE  OT 018
74 Chandell Tim  Sweet Little Rose  ORBITONE  OT 019
74 Teddy Davis Togetherness ORBITONE  OT 0020
74 Chandell Tim  Christmas Time  ORBITONE  OT 021
74 Chandell Tim  My Love  ORBITONE  OT 022
74 Not Traced ORBITONE  OT 023
77 Nell & Tim  The Vow  ORBITONE  OT 024
78 Chandell Tim  Oh What A Smile Can Do  ORBITONE  ORB 01
78 Chandell Tim  Burning Love ORBITONE  ORB 02
78 Dudley Campbell  This Is Love ORBITONE  ORB 03
78 Tim Chandell True Love ORBITONE  ORB 04
78 Chandell Tim  Keep Me  ORBITONE  ORB 05
78 Stuart Lorna  I Love You ORBITONE  ORB 06
86 Ezeke Christmas Blues ORBITONE  OR 7 20
86 Judy Boucher Cant Be With You Tonight ORBITONE  OR 7 21
87 Judy Boucher You Caught My Eye ORBITONE  OR 7 22
87 Joyce Bond Tears From My Heart ORBITONE  OR 7 23
87 Jackson Paul Time Will Ease ORBITONE  OR 7 24
87 Nelson Juliet Me A No Boopsie ORBITONE  OR 7 25
87 Richards Reuben I'Ll Choose You ORBITONE  OR 7 26
88 Juliet Nelson A Woman In Love ORBITONE  OR 7 27
88 Joyce Bond Nothing Can Stop Me ORBITONE  OR 7 28
88 Jackson Paul You Made Me A Winner ORBITONE  OR 7 29
88 Martell Robinson I Still Love You ORBITONE  OR 12 30
88 Dimples Beautiful Feeling ORBITONE  OR 12 31
88 Johnny Orlando It Burns Inside ORBITONE  OR 12 32
88 No No Fear All Day ORBITONE  OR 7 33
88 Bond Joyce How Sweet It Is To Be Loved ORBITONE  OR 7 34
88 Roy Reynolds Limbo Like Me ORBITONE  OR 12 35
89 Joyce Bond Do The Teasy ORBITONE  OR 7 36
89 Paul Jackson Spanish Eyes ORBITONE  OR 12 37
89 Not Traced   ORBITONE  OR 7 38
89 Martin Dobson My Mothers Eyes ORBITONE  OR 7 39
89 Not Traced ORBITONE  OR 7 40
90 Joyce Bond Since I Met You Baby ORBITONE  OR 7 41
90 Johnny Orlando Completely ORBITONE  OR 7 42
83 Not Traced ORBITONE  ORS 01
83 Not Traced   ORBITONE  ORS 02
84 Benjax & Eulynis Brown  Waiting For You  ORBITONE  ORS 03
85 Judy Boucher True Love  ORBITONE  ORBS 04

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