Orange Peal Records was a DIY label. One of those cases where a label hasn't a name and had to give it one as an identifier.  In either 1971 (according to the labels) or 1972 (according to the picture sleeve) a group of five young girls, 'Orange Peal', put out a single featuring compositions by two members of the band.  The tracks on the single were 'Moonlight' and 'What Can I Do', and its catalogue number was IAL-101.  There doesn't appear to have been an IAL-102.  The style of the matrix numbers in the run-off suggests a Pye pressing.  I would guess that 'IAL' were the initials of the organization that was behind the record,  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Orange Peal Moonlight ORANGE PEAL IAL 101

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