Independent label: Optimistic Records was based in Plymouth; it released at least eight singles, in an OPT-000 numerical series, the first of which was, 'When The War Is Over', by Punk band Sabotage (OPT-001; 1979).  The others date from the '80s. Distributed By Optimistic Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info. Optimistic Records Former Address: 45 Prince Maurice Road, Plymouth, Devon.

79 Sabotage When The War Is Over OPTIMISTIC OPT 001
80 The D.S My Toy OPTIMISTIC OPT 002
80 Jethro The Winds Of Change OPTIMISTIC OPT 003
80 Sabotage Subterfuge OPTIMISTIC OPT 004
80 SPQR Don't Panic OPTIMISTIC OPT 005
80 Mascara No Meaning EP OPTIMISTIC OPT 006
80 Not Traced OPTIMISTIC OPT 007
80 Energy I.Q. Through The Plughole OPTIMISTIC OPT 008

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