One Way Records was a DIY label. This particular One Way label was owned by Punk group, The Jermz, who were based in York.  It issued one 7", that group's 'Power Cut' (EFP-1), in 1978. Distributed By One Way Records. Jermz was from York, this 4-Piece along with their manager 'Hugh Bernays' released this outstanding record on the their label 'One Way' Records after recording it at their local studio 'Pollen'. The actual studio was also responsible for the two classic releases by another local band "Sema 4" as well as 'Xpress'. The actual studio time was paid for my a local record shop called "Feelgood" Records and it was produced by 'Urban Blitz' of Doctors Of Madness who had travelled up from London especially to produce it. Sadly this was the band's only recordings Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Jermz Power Cut ONE WAY EFP 1

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