Independent label: 1-Off Records was a short-lived subsidiary of Stiff Records. It started out in February 1978, with the Subs', 'Gimme Your Heart' (OFF-1); it got as far as OFF-4, The Realists', 'I've Gotta Heart (6/78), but doesn't appear to have got much further. Distributed By EMI Records. Ernie Graham was born in Belfast on the 14 June 1946 and died 27 April 2001, was training to be a mechanic, when he joined his first band Tony & the Telstars in 1965, as rhythm guitarist. In the early 1980s, he tried forming a band with Larry Pratt, who had briefly been a member of Clancy, but when this failed, he gave up being a professional musician, worked on the railways, including as a guard on the Orient Express, and was training to become a counsellor, but his "strong alcohol dependence" caused his health to fail, and he died in London in April 2001. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Subs Gimme Your Heart ONE OFF OFF 1
78 Ernie Graham Romeo ONE OFF OFF 2
78 Members Solitary Confinement ONE OFF OFF 3
78 Realists I'Ve Gotta Heart ONE OFF OFF 4

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