Independent Reggae label: Olympic Records was owned by Dennis Brown and Castro Brown.  Olympic issue just one single with a catalogue number that is part of the Morpheus label sequence, Errol Holt's 'Who Have Eyes To See' (MOR-1015; 8/76).  Rumour has it that the people in charge of the Olympics are red hot when it comes to protecting their rights to the name and to the 'rings' logo; perhaps they were less zealous back in 1976, when this record came out. Distributed By Morpheus Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Brown Dennis  Life'S Worth Living  MORPHEUS MOR 1001
76 Dun D. Junior  Dunisha  MORPHEUS MOR 1002
76 Not Traced MORPHEUS MOR 1003
76 Not Traced MORPHEUS MOR 1004
76 Jooks (Junior Delgado)  Every Natty Wants To Go Home  MORPHEUS MOR 1005
76 Andy Horace  Got To Get You MORPHEUS MOR 1006
76 Dowe Brent  Bend Down MORPHEUS MOR 1007
76 Rose Michael  Guess Who'S Coming To Dinner MORPHEUS MOR 1008
76 Jooks  Every Natty  MORPHEUS MOR 1009
76 Andy Horace  Got To Get You  MORPHEUS MOR 1010
76 Not Traced MORPHEUS MOR 1011
76 Jones Dobbie  Give The Black Man A Chance  MORPHEUS MOR 1012
76 I Roy & Jackie Brown  The Black Bullet  MORPHEUS MOR 1013
76 Brown Dennis  My Time  MORPHEUS MOR 1014
76 Errol Holt  Who Have Eyes To See  OLYMPIC  MOR 1015

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