Independent label: Old Knew Wave Records issued a handful of singles, in a BOG-000 series, in 1978-79, the only one of which to be seen at all regularly is Keith Armstrong's, 'An Amazing Grace' b/w 'Space Boogie' (BOG-003 / 004; 1978).  Distribution was by Small Wonder, One Stop or Rough Trade.  Keith Armstrong record was to be the label's first release, so it would appear that the numbers BOG-001 and 002 were not used.  The label colour and design varied (some were red), but the 'holes' and the credits at the side seem to have been constant. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Not Issued OLD KNEW WAVE BOG 001
79 Not Issued OLD KNEW WAVE BOG 002
79 Keith Arstrong  An Amazing Grace OLD KNEW WAVE BOG 003/004
78 False Idols Broken Judy OLD KNEW WAVE BOG 005
78 Far Cry Tax Exile OLD KNEW WAVE BOG 006
78 False Idols Ego Wino OLD KNEW WAVE BOG 007

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